The Making Of

tekenaar:  Brecht Evens 
reeks: The Making Of 
uitgever: Drawn And Quarterly 
uitgiftedatum: 01-06-2012 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full colour 
pages: 160

The Making Of is the follow-up to international sensation Brecht Evens�s Eisner-nominated debut, The Wrong Place. With lush watercolors and his characteristic wit, Evens details the fumbling, amateurish foibles of the participants of a small art festival in the Flemish countryside. Pieterjan is invited to a small town as an honored guest. From the moment he arrives, things start going wrong, and since no one seems ready to step in, Pieterjan takes over the show. He decides to build a giant garden gnome as a symbol of Flemish identity, but the construction process brings buried tensions to the surface as the other artists become jealous of Pieterjan�s authority. In The Making Of, Evens delves deep into the petty tensions, small misunderstandings, and deadpan humor that pervade modern relationships. With a keen eye for the subtleties of body language, Evens�s The Making Of builds on the iconic visual style showcased in the Eisner award nominated The Wrong Place, which was published around the world. Sweeping watercolors jump off the page, surrealist scenery intermingles with crowds of people, and small suburban plot homes have never looked so lovely.

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