The Manara Library
Escape from Piranesi and other stories

tekenaar:  Milo Manara 
nummer: 6 
uitgever: Dark Horse 
uitgiftedatum: 09-03-2015 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
afmetingen: 220x283x26mm  
pages: 300

Winner of both major US comics industry awards for international material, The Manara Library, along with its companion three-volume Manara Erotica set, together comprise the most comprehensive English-language edition ever published of the sumptuous storytelling work by world-class Italian artist Milo Manara. This deluxe multivolume series features new, contemporary translations of the maestro's extensive catalogue of comics and graphic novels, some never before available in English.

In this sixth and last volume of The Manara Library, Manara's unmatched draftsmanship and versatility are on full display, with stories spanning science fiction, Westerns, war, creature features, and more. From the sexy political space opera Escape from Piranesi; to the provocative illustrated song of humanity, "Bolero"; and a wide variety of tales in between - including the classic story of spiritual discovery, The Snowman, as well as the more recent Revolution and Forty-Six, both published in English for the first time ever - this multi-award-winning sries ends on a strikingly high note, with over 300 pages of Manara's sexy, stylish art and an introduction by Comic Book Legal Defense Fund executive director Charles Brownstein.

€ 59,99