Will Eisner
A Retrospective

Museum of comic and cartoon art new york city

tekenaar:  Will Eisner 
reeks: Will Eisner 
uitgever: Mocca 
uitgiftedatum: 2005 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
pages: 75
genres: about comics

Will Eisner the creator of The Spirit and the 'Father' of the graphic novel will be honored with the first major exhibition of his work in May at the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art (MoCCA). The exhibition was assembled with Will's cooperation and the catalog for the exhibition serves as a retrospective art book surveying Eisner's entire career. It includes work from many of his graphic novels plus rare unpublished art and a preview of his newest book The Plot: The True History of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Forward by DC Comics President & Publisher Paul Levitz.

€ 29,95