Will Eisner Instructional Books
Comics and Sequential Art

Principles and practices from the legendary cartoonist

tekenaar:  Will Eisner 
uitgever: Norton 
uitgiftedatum: 2008 
druk: 1 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: two color 
pages: 192

Mostly black and white with some supporting red.

Will Eisner is one of the twentieth century's great American artists, a man who pioneered the field of comic arts. Here in his classic Comics and Sequential Art, he refines the art of graphic storytelling into clear, concise principles that every cartoonist, comic artist, writer, and filmmaker needs to know.

Adapted from Eisner's landmark course at New York's School of Visual Arts, Comics and Sequential Art is an essential text filled with invaluable theories and easy-to-use techniques. Eisner reveals here the fundamentals of graphic storytelling. He addresses dialogue, anatomy, framing, and many other important aspects of the art from. Fully updated and revised to reflect current practices and technology, including a section on digital media, this introduction to the art of comics is as valuable a guide as it was when first published.

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