tekenaar:  Eamon Espey 
reeks: Wormdye 
uitgever: Secret Acres 
uitgiftedatum: 2008 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
genres: graphic novel

Eamon Espey's Wormdye is a collection of interwoven tales that deftly illustrate the fever-pitched anxiety of modern life. With locales as varied as the River Styx, The Vatican, the island of Aegina and the Mitchell Corn Palace, Wormdye follows Marco, Tommy and others as they engage in the human struggle: work, religion, death and human sacrifice. Bleak and darkly funny, Wormdye uses myths and iconographic visuals to evoke a world-view that is both absorbing and upsetting, tragic and triumphant.

€ 13,00