X'ed Out
Sugar Skull

tekenaar:  Charles Burns 
reeks: X'ed Out 
nummer: 3 
uitgever: Pantheon 
uitgiftedatum: 24-10-2014 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 64

It's here: The concluding volume in the epic trilogy that began with X'ed Out and continued in The Hive, marking the completion of a true graphic novel milestone.
Charles Burns delivers brilliantly on all the mysterious secrets and horrific clues he set up in the first two volumes.
The long strange trip of Doug reaches its mind-bending, heartbreaking end, but not before he is forced to deal with the lie he's been telling himself since the beginning. The fragments of the past collide with the reality of the present, nightmarish dreams evolve into an even more dreadful reality, and when you finally find out where all of this has been going, and what it means...well. It will make you go right back to page one of X'ed Out and read it all again with new eyes. Just like Doug.

€ 23,00