De Perfesser by Jan van der Aa

Born in Hemiksem, Jan van der Aa was a Flemish painter, poet and cartoonist. He plans to enroll at the Antwerp Art Academy were cut short due to the outbreak of World War II. Van der Aa subsequently worked as an apprentice baker, a clerc with a printing firm and eventually landed a job as a clerc with his uncle's notary office.

De Perfesser by Jan van der Aa

He spent all his spare time painting, drawing and making woodcuts and lino-cuts. He made his first cartoons under the pen name Punt in 1958. His Punt cartoons appeared in such publications as Film en Televisie, Kerk en Leven and Raak. He also made the stop-comic 'De Perfesser' in Straal, the two-weekly information magazine of the Chr. Ziekenfondsen in the 1970s.

Van der Aa had to retire from his dayjob in the 1980s, when his health deteriorated, and spent the rest of his life focusing on his artistic activities. He passed away at the age of 80 in September 2007. A street was named after him in his hometown Hemiksem.

Cartoon by Punt (Jan van der Aa)

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