More about searching

On we have two search engines installed, one for finding artist biographies in our Comiclopedia (blue) and another one for our webshop (red), which contains new and antiquarian comic books, original artwork and other collector's items.

Comiclopedia search

Comiclopedia search

For the blue Comiclopedia search, we made it possible to find artists not only by artist name, but also by:
alias, real name or relation (hero, publisher or magazine).

Try searching for "Herge", "Tintin" or "Moebius" or "DC-comics" will not only show the artist, but also people or collectives that are related to the term.

Webshop search

Webshop search

Our red Webshop search offers you the possibility to search by keyword for:
artist name, series, or title.

Finding a series by name will show you the results in the shop category that is selected at that moment. Searching from the homepage will search in all categories.

Selecting a series name will pop-up the entire series, including the items that are stored in other categories like antiquarian, collector's items, etc.

Both searches are using a realtime autosuggest (search while you type), please allow the server to fetch the result (so do not hit enter too quickly).

At the bottom of our artist bio's in the Comiclopedia, you can see an overview of the available items by that author in our webshop. In the artist overview section of the webshop, a part of the artist bio will be shown with a link to the Comiclopedia.

We hope that you will find what you are looking for. Please let us know if you think we can improve our search operators, because we're always eager improve our system!