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Kees Kousemaker by Peter Pontiac

Welcome to the Comiclopedia, an illustrated compendium of over 13,000 comic artists from around the world. Find your favorite artists, or check out our Dutch section about the Dutch Comics History.

The Comiclopedia is the world's largest overview of comic artists, and the brainchild of comic shop Lambiek's founder Kees Kousemaker (1942-2010). Kees was at the vanguard of promoting comics as art, and both the Lambiek store and the website are continuing in his spirit. Please contact the editor Bas Schuddeboom for corrections or additions.

Kees Kousemaker’s Comiclopedia

Latest Additions

Mon 30 May '16
John Tenniel United Kingdom (entry rewritten)
Clare Briggs United States (extended profile)
Gustavo Machado Brazil (updated profile)
Sun 29 May '16
Jack Seidel United States (added)
Stan Lee United States (entry rewritten)
Diane Le Feyer France (added)
Miss Prickly France (added)
Moko France (added)
Alexandre Ruyer France (added)
Sat 28 May '16
Gérald Gorridge France (added)
Clotka France (added)
Stephan Plottès Belgium (added)
Anton France (added)
Alexis Horellou France (added)
Israel Parada Spain (added)
Mathieu Bertrand France (added)
J. Personne France (added)
Nina Jacqmin Belgium (added)
Olivier Mariotti France (added)
Ana Rousse France (added)

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