Tour de France 1903, by Harry Balm 1967
Tour de France 1903 (1967)

When he was only fifteen years old, Harry Balm was employed by publisher De Spaarnestad, where he worked under supervision of Frans Piët. For many years, he worked at the Spaarnestad Studio at the Nassauplein in Haarlem, alongside Bert Bus and Nico van Dam. He drew countless illustrations for Sjors magazine and, in 1965, he produced his first comic for the magazine.

Maurice Herzog by Harry Balm
Maurice Herzog - De bedwinger van de Annapurna (Sjors #16, 1967)

He became a master of the short biographical story, depicting the lives of historic personalities, such as Caesar, El Cid, Marco Polo, Lincoln, Beethoven, Stendhal and Richard the Lionheart. These stories were collected in three albums at the publishing house Oberon.

Duckwacht by Harry Balm
De Duckwacht

He became the lay-out man of the Dutch Donald Duck weekly in 1969, and he kept this occupation until his retirement. Besides doing the lay-outs, he painted several illustrations for the magazine's text stories, as well as special historical sections as 'Galerij der Groten, Klassiekers uit de Duckstadse Bibliotheek' and 'Terug in de Tijd met Mickey'. One of his best-known paintings is 'De Duckwacht', a duckified parody of the famous 'De Nachtwacht' ('The Night Watch') painting by Rembrandt.

comic art by Harry Balm

In the 1970s, he cooperated on the alternative magazine De Vrije Balloen. Balm made a comics adaptation of Charles Dickens' 'Barnaby Rudge' in 1988. Together with his former studio colleagues Bert Bus and Nico van Dam, he was awarded the Bulletje & Boonestaakschaal for their contributions to the Dutch comics field in 2004.

Sjors cover by Harry Balm
Cover for Sjors #9, 1967

Harry Balm in De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis

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