Hogwashed by Frank Hollander
Hogwashed (BNS Stripkrant 2010)

Frank Hollander is the pen name of Donald Duck editor Frans Hasselaar. He has been with the Dutch Disney magazine since the mid 1980s and is head of the art department in Hoofddorp. He has also written scripts for comics starring the Disney characters, as well as the independent story 'De aap is los!' that was published in the weekly in 1989 (art by Ruben Pellejero).

Since 2010 he is also responsible for the artwork coordination for the in-house comics production for girls' magazine Tina and children's science magazine Zo Zit Dat. Frans made the initial character designs for the 'Breinstein' comic that is published in Zo Zit Dat since 2011.

De aap is los by Ruben Pellejero and Frans Hasselaar
De aap is los! Art by Ruben Pellejero, script by Frans Hasselaar (Donald Duck, 1989)

He has worked on a variety of comics in addition to his dayjob. He wrote the comic strip 'Max', that was drawn by studio colleague and friend Michel Nadorp for Hitkrant between 1996 and 1999. He participated in the 2006 Parool comics contest with the superhero parody 'Beterman', which was drawn by Maarten Janssens and Gerben Valkema. This comic also made an appearance in MYX Magazine, and was revived for the StripGlossy by Uitgeverij Personalia in 2016. For the artwork, several artists are involved, such as Maarten Gerritsen (issue 1) and Tim Artz (issue 2).

He wrote and drew his Pogo-inspired web comic 'Hogwashed' under the name Frank Hollander for the Comics Sherpa website in 2009 and 2010. The strip has also been featured in the annual BNS Stripkrant. Between 2014 and 2016 he wrote the comic 'Veertigers', which was drawn by Jeroen Steehouwer and Frans Leenheer for Eppo magazine, while also publishing an occasional comic strip on his Facebook-page with a starring role for himself.

Hogwashed by Frank Hollander
Hogwashed (16 June 2010)

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