'Hotline Miami: Wildlife' #5.

Andrea Dotta is an Italian artist and colorist, who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Through Comicup Studio, he was the second artist to draw the gag comic 'Professor Breinstein' (2017) for the Dutch magazine Zo Zit Dat. He also made the webcomic 'Johnny Dynamic' (2014-2015) and is part of the artist team behind 'Hotline Miami: Wildlife' (2016), based on the game of the same name. 

Early life and career
Born in 1989, he studied Animation at the CSC Animazione in Turin from 2009 to 2011. He has worked extensively as a comic colorist, starting with the graphic novel 'Don Camillo a Fumetti' by Ennio Bufi (Renoir Comics, 2011). He did coloring work for 'Geronimo Stilton' (Bao Publishing), 'Fanboys vs Zombies' (BOOM! Studios) and 'Real Life' (Disney Global Publishing) through studios like Parlapà and Arancia. He is also active as a freelance character designer for animation and motion graphic artist.


Dotta is affiliated with Studio Comicup in Barcelona since January 2016. He has provided artwork for Disney print productions from Denmark (Egmont) and the Netherlands (Sanoma), and he also made character designs for a Disney video game from the USA. He additionally works for Comicup's production for the German girls' magazine Pferd&Co, published by Blue Ocean Entertainment.

Hotline Miami: Wildlife
Dotta is part of the artist team of 'Hotline Miami: Wildlife' (2016-), a comic book tie-in series with the Dennaton Games action game for Dayjob Studio. Among the other artists for this production are Alberto Massaggia, Ludovica Ceregatti, Giorgia Lanza and Andrea Errico.

Professor Breinstein
In early 2017, Dotta succeeded Sònia Albert as the artist of the 'Professor Breinstein' back cover gag comic for Zo Zit Dat, a Dutch popular science magazine for children. The gags were mostly written by Bas Schuddeboom and Jos Beekman. By the end of the year, the comic's full production was turned over to Dutch artist Roel Venderbosch, who was in turn succeeded by Jordi Peters in late 2019. However, in 2019, Schuddeboom and Dotta were responsible for the comic pages published in the 'Zo Zit Dat Escape Boek', an escape room in book format.

Johnny Dynamic
In 2014-2015 Andrea Dotta made six episodes of his personal webcomic about the galactic bounty hunter 'Johnny Dynamic', which was nominated for "Italian Webcomic of the Year" in 2014. It went into international circulation in 2020, when the Webtoon platform picked it up.

I Tre Baskettieri
In 2023, he teamed up with the Italian publishing house Colber Edizioni for the launch of the teen drama basketball comic book series 'I Tre Baskettieri', written by Marco Ventura.

'Johnny Dynamic'.


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