Breinstein by Sonia Albert

Sònia Albert is a Spanish comic artist, inker and colorist affiliated with Studio Comicup in Barcelona since 2012. She has drawn the 'Breinstein' comic for Dutch popular science monthly Zo Zit Dat! from the Netherlands, and is an inker of European Disney comics. She also works as a children's book illustrator.

Born in 1987 in Mataró, Barcelona, Sònia Albert Fàbregas studied Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2005-2009), where she graduated with the award-winning short film 'Radis'. She then studied Illustration and Graphic Design at the Escola de la Llotja in Barcelona (2010-2014), while beginning her association with the creative studio Comicup in Barcelona in early 2012.

'B'rer Rabbit' (H2014-210) - © Disney.

One of Albert's first assignments at Comicup was replacing Dany Fernandez as the artist of 'Breinstein', the back cover gag strip of the Dutch popular science magazine for children Zo Zit Dat!, published by Sanoma. She drew the comic about the absent-minded professor Breinstein, his eager neighbour Joost, robot help A3 and his pet dinosaur Trex from scripts by editors like Bas Schuddeboom and Jos Beekman, and under supervision of Sanoma staff artists Viktor Venema and Jan-Roman Pikula from early 2013 until late 2016. Andrea Dotta then took over for another year, after which Dutch artist Roel Venderbosch was hired to do the full production in early 2018.

Disney comics
Albert also works as an inker of Disney comics for the Dutch publisher Sanoma as well as Egmont in Denmark. These not only include stories pencilled by Comicup's own artists, but also ones by Dutch fan favorite Mau Heymans. So far, she has also pencilled a 'Brer Rabbit' story for the Dutch weekly in 2017. Among her other work for Comicup are coloring duties for different projects, and inking stories for comics based on Rovio's 'Angry Birds' game franchise.

From: 'Herbert Henry & Santa's Secret Society'.

Illustration work
In 2018 Albert began a study for Master of Arts in Children's Book Illustration at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. She has been doing illustration assignments for publishers like Bromera and Curiosity Books since 2017. Among the books she illustrated are 'Herbert Henry & Santa's Secret Society' by Ambert Stewart (Curiosity, 2018).

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