Hiawatha, by José Ramon Bernado

José Ramón Bernadó Neff was born in Villanova i la Geltru, a town near Barcelona. He learned himself how to draw, by looking at the work of Alex Raymond and John Buscema. He began his career in the animation field in the 1980s. He collaborated among others with the animation series 'El Ultimo Koala', and he has worked in several studios, including Acció, Oniria Pictures and Munich Animation. His first comics work was 'El Verdugo', which was published in A Tope, a magazine of the publishing house Norma.

from Le Journal de Mickey, by Ramon Bernado

In 1991, he got the opportunity to work with Disney characters for the European publishers through José Cánovas' Comicup studios. He started out illustrating stories with 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Goofy' for both Mondadori in Italy and Egmont in Denmark. Soon afterwards, he took on 'Ellsworth', 'Li'l Bad Wolf' and 'Ducktales' stories for France, as well as stories with 'Dumbo' and 'Basil the Mouse Detective' for Holland. Throughout the years, Bernadó developed a personal and characteristic style, inspired by Floyd Gottfredson, Daniel Branca and Daan Jippes.

Total Justice, by Ramon Bernado

In 1995, during the Salone del Comic in Barcelona, Bernadó got in touch with executives of Marvel Comics, who offered him to work for the US market. Subsequently, he illustrated stories for 'Wolverine', 'Silver Surfer Annual', and 'Fury/Agent 13'. In addition, he joined DC Comics, for which he drew 'Extreme Justice', 'Justice League Task' and 'Superboy'. Bernadó's cooperation with the American publishers lasted until 1998.

Basil from Baker Street by JR Bernado

During his Marvel/DC interlude, Bernadó limited his Disney production to occasional stories for France and Holland. But from 1998, he returned to the job, and began producing stories through the Sanchis and Comicon studios. For France, he took on 'Mickey Mouse' stories again, as well as stories with the Ducks. From 2000, he works with the character 'Michel Souris', an obsessed 'Mickey Mouse' fan. For the Dutch Donald Duck weekly, he specialized in stories with 'Mad Madam Mim', 'Little Hiawatha', 'Br'er Rabbit' and 'Dumbo', but he has also done some 'Donald Duck' stories.

Mad Madam Mim, by José Ramon Bernado

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