Horace Horsecollar, by Jose Luis Ferrer (D4552)
Horace Horsecollar (D4552)

Pepe Ferré is a Catalan artist and currently art director of the Comicon art agency in Barcelona. He grew up in a small town near Tarragona and began his career in the field of advertising. After a small stint in animation he turned to comics in the early 1970s. He illustrated about 150 short gags with 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Goofy' for the Danish publisher Egmont through Studio Bargada between 1976 and 1980. He was later affiliated with Sanchis and drew some 'Mickey Mouse' stories for the Italian publisher Mondadori in the 1980s.

He co-founded Comicon together with Peter Wiechmann and Edwina Taeger in 1988. He has been the studio's art and creative director ever since and runs the company together with Christof Ruoss since 1997. However, he continues to do artwork in a variety of styles and themes. Ferré provided art to various Disney jigsaw puzzles for Ravensburger in Germany in the 1990s. Between 2002 and 2007 he was been responsible as penciler for the complete artwork on Egmont-Ehapa's internationally published bi-monthly Disney's TIGGER Magazine. He is a penciler and inker for the monthly pre-school magazine Bummi, published by Bauer Media in Germany.

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