Tristan Karma by Beroy
Zoo -Aventuras de Tristan Karma

José María Beroy is a Spanish comic artist who worked for some of the adult magazines that abounded in Spain in the 1980s, especially Creepy, Zona 84, Cairo and Cimoc. In addition he has worked on animated cartoons, advertising and short films and he has been an illustrator for magazines and newspapers like El Periódico. In 1983, after publishing in fanzine Zero, Beroy became a contributor to magazines Rambla and Rampa. Ferrándiz, better known as Pascual Ferry, provided him with some scripts during this period. Specialized in horror, SF and fantasy comics, Beroy soon started to work for Toutain Editor's magazines. He started publishing 'Doctor Mabuse' in Creepy in 1985 and '999' in Zona 84 in 1986.

Doctor Mabuse, by Beroy
Doctor Mabuse

He kept on contributing short stories to Toutain's Zona 84, which resulted in a compilation of them called 'La Enfermedad del Sueño', published in 1988. By then Beroy had started to collaborate with publisher Norma, which he did with the serials 'Ajeno' (in Cairo between 1987 and 1988), and 'Zoo-Aventuras de Tristan Karma' (in Cimoc in 1990). Then he teamed up with scriptwriter J. M. Polls to do 'Versus', which consisted of four short stories. This series appeared in Cimoc starting late in 1993. Both Toutain and Norma launched compilations after serializing the works in the magazines. Beroy used to modify things or add pages on those occasions.

Versus by Beroy

In the 1990s Beroy's comics were also featured in humour magazines El Jueves and Barragán and in newspaper Mundo Deportivo. In addition he contributed 'Els Fabulosos Mallofré' to the children's supplement of daily Avui and 'Detectives Audaces' to Pequeño País. For DC, he has drawn the 'Deadman' miniseries, as well as contributions to 'The Big Book of Grimm' and 'The Big Book of Hoaxes'. He is affiliated with the Comicon studios, and has drawn for licensed properties like 'Totaly Spies', 'Digimon' and 'Jessy'. Other strips for the German market include 'Bibi & Tina', 'Bobby' and 'Billy Katt'.

comic art by Beroy 1984
Evolución (Rambla # 9, 1983)

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