Bambi by Mario Cortes

Mario Cortés is a Spanish comic artist, who has worked through Barcelona-based studios like Comicup (1990s) and Comicon (2000s). He started out drawing comic stories based on the Disney TV series 'Talespin', including a long adventure called 'The Vulcano of Gold' (1991). He is responsible for the art of many comic adaptations of Disney films for Disney Europe in the 1990s. These include adaptations of new films like 'Hercules' (1997), 'Mulan' (1998), 'Tarzan' (with Andrea Nicolucci, 1999), 'Peter Pan: Return to Neverland' (2002) and 'Treasure Planet' (2002), but also revised adaptations of earlier films, such as 'Bambi' (1993), 'The Aristocats' (1994), 'Sleeping Beauty' (1995), 'Peter Pan' (1996), 'The Lady and the Tramp' (1997) and 'Cinderella' (1998).

The Aristocats by Mario Cortés
'The Aristocats'.

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