Gigantik, by José Cardona 1980

José Maria Cardona Blasi is a Spanish agency artist, who has drawn for various European publications since the 1970s. He started out in the early 1970s drawing romance stories for the British publisher D.C. Thomson through Josep Toutain's Selecciones Ilustradas agency. He also worked on series like 'Davy Crocket' and 'Carabina Slim', that were published in several countries. Probably his best known work is the science fiction strip 'Gigantik' which he made with scriptwriter Victor Mora for the German magazine Zack (as well as its equivalents Super-As in France and Wham! in The Netherlands).

Uncle Scrooge (D8830)
Uncle Scrooge (D8830)

In Spain, Cardona's work has appeared in magazines like Delta, Diario de Avisos, Dossier Negro, Gaceta Junior, KungFu ('ShiKai'), Metropol ('Perla'), Vampirella, Zona 84 and 1984. In the mid-1980s Cardona took up drawing Disney comics for the Danish publisher Egmont. Later on, he has also drawn Disney comics for Hachette in France (1990s) and Sanoma in The Netherlands (2000s). Cardona has illustrated books of the television series 'Rugrats' and 'Theodore'. He has worked through the Barcelona-based agencies Comicon and Comicup. His brother-in-law is comic artist José Maria Millet Lopez.

Gigantik, by José Maria Cardona

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