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Disney comic artists in the Comiclopedia

Mickey MouseMickey Mouse Series #1 (David McKay Co, 1931)

Shortly after the success of animated cartoons in film and television, Walt Disney began producing comics with his characters. Since the 1930s, countless pages of Disney comics have been produced and reproduced worldwide. The production includes not only stories with the most popular characters - Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - but also movie adaptations, stories with secondary characters, as well as realistic works like 'Zorro' and 'Spin & Marty'. The Disney comics production is among the biggest in the world, and a lot of international artists had their turn making Disney characters. In addition to reprinting American material, some countries began producing material of their own, including Italy, Brazil, France, Denmark and Holland. Below is an overview of the countries that have produced Disney comics, as well as a list of Disney artists that are in the Comiclopedia.

Mickey Rodent! by Bill ElderDisney parody by Bill Elder (Mad, 1958)

You can find an index of nearly all Disney publications and their creators at the I.N.D.U.C.K.S. portal: