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Although the original 'Mickey Mouse' newspaper strip had been launched only two years earlier, Serbian artists started making their own comics with the character in 1932. That year, Belgrade children's magazine Veseli Cetvrtak printed 'Dozivljaji Mike Misa' ('The Life of Mickey Mouse') by local authors Ivan Sensin and Bozidar Kovacevic. Around the same time, the competing newspaper Vreme published 'Dozivljaji misa Mike i majmuna Djoka' ('The Life of Mickey Mouse and the monkey Djoka') in its children's section Decje Vreme. In March, 1936, editor Aleksandar J. Ivkovic launched Mickey's own magazine, Mika Mis. Besides reprints of American comics, Mika Mis also published stories by local artists. It ran until April 1941, when German bombs were dropped over Belgrade.