Postanje Sveta, by Ivan Sensin

Ivan Sensin (Ivan Šenšin) was one of the leading artists during the Golden Age of Serbian comics in the 1930s. He was born in 1897 in the Russian empire, but emigrated to Belgrade, Yugoslavia at the age of 20. In 1932, he did his first comic for Veseli Cetvrtak: 'Dozivljaji Mike Misa', a story starring Disney's Mickey Mouse, scripted by Bozidar Kovacevic. This was in fact the first original Yugoslavian Disney comic, with speech balloons. Sensin then turned to illustration for a couple of years, until he began working for Mika Miš magazine in 1937. Until 1940, he made several stories for the magazine, including 'Mandzurija u plamenu', 'Legionar Smrti' ('The Good Soldier Svejk', based on the novel by Jaroslav Hasek and Josef Lada), 'Hazavat Sveti Rat' and 'Meksiko'.

He then joined Mikijevo Carstvo, for which he continued to draw stories like 'Postanje Sveta', 'Hrabri Vojnik Svjek', and 'Volga, Volga', mostly based on literature, until 1941. Ivan Sensin was executed by a communist firing squad, shortly after the capture of Belgrade in November 1944. He was suspected of  being a Nazi collaborator. 

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