comic art by Sergije Mironovic
Self-portrait, featuring Maks i Maksic. 

Sergije Mironovic Golovcenko (Sergije Mironovič Golovčenko) was born in Irkutsk in 1898. He showed an early talent for drawing and eventually took an apprenticeship in painting. From the 1920s, he was active as a caricaturist in Belgrado, publishing his first cartoon in the newspaper Vesele Novine. In 1924, he continued to study painting in Zagreb and began a collaboration with the Sunday section Koprive. He was one of the many pre-war satirists and also experimented with comics.

Strongly inspired by Wilhelm Busch's 'Max und Moritz', he created 'Maks i Maksic', a comic strip about two mischievous little boys that ran from 1925 to 1934. In addition to 'Maks i Maksic,' Mironovic has made two other comics: 'Dozvljaji misa Mike i majmuna Doke' ('The Life of Mickey the Mouse and monkey Djoka') for the Decj Vreme children's section of Vreme in 1932, and 'U Zooloskom vrtu' for Koprive in 1937. The first mentioned comic strip featured unauthorized plagiarism of Walt Disney's 'Mickey Mouse'. 

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