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The first of all Disney comics appeared on 13 January 1930. That day, the 'Mickey Mouse' newspaper comic was launched. Soon followed by the 'Silly Symphony' Sunday page and the 'Donald Duck' newspaper strip. In 1939, the American publisher Western Printing (in cooperation with Dell Publishing) began publishing a series of one-shot comics called 'Four Color Comics', which also contained Disney material. It was a big success, and a year later, the Disney comics got their own title, 'Walt Disney's Comics and Stories'. Artists that worked for these titles were former Disney animators or staff artists at Western. The most notable of them was Carl Barks, who developed the entire Duck universe. Throughout the years, various characters got their own spin-off title, such as 'Uncle Scrooge' and 'Chip 'n Dale'. When the cooperation with Dell folded, the WDCS title was transferred to Gold Key in 1962, and in the 1970s to Whitman.

Because the Disney comic book stories produced in the US weren't enough to fill the overseas comics, the Disney Studios also began producing stories for publications abroad. This production program of so-called S-coded stories was initiated by the head of Disney's Publications Department, George Sherman, in 1962. Chief writer was Dick Kinney, who developed new characters for this line of comics, such as Fethry Duck and Hard Haid Moe. Arists assigned to draw the comics were artists also working for Western, but also foreign studios, mainly the Jaime Diaz Studios in Argentina, but also Toonder Studio's in the Netherlands.

All US publications were cancelled in 1984, and there was a lot of shifting in the licenses throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Several companies published Disney comics, such as Gladstone (Walt Disney Adventures), Marvel (comics based on recent movies and TV productions), Disney Comics (mainstream characters and TV characters), Gemstone and Boom! Studios.

Abranz, Fred
Allan, Chris
Allora, Phil
Alvarado, Pete
Arámbula, Román
Arens, Mike
Armstrong, Roger
Austen, Chuck
Baker, Kyle
Bancroft, Tom
Barks, Carl
Bigley, Al
Block, Patrick
Bolle, Frank
Bradbury, Jack
Buettner, Carl
Butler, Steven
Cardoso, Guillermo
Carey, John N.
Carrillo, Fred
Champin, Ken
Christensen, Don R.
Craig, Chase
De Lara, Phil
Destefano, Stephen
Disney, Walt
Doran, Colleen
Dougherty, Don
Duvall, Earl
Edson, Nat
Eisenberg, Harvey
Feazell, Matt
Firfires, Nick
Fitzgerald, Owen
Fletcher, Jim
Foster, Bob
Franzen, Jim
Friedrich, Pete
Fugate, Billy
Fuson, Chuck
Geary, Rick
Gilbert, Michael T.
Gladstone, Harry 
Gollub, Mo
Gonzales, Manuel
Gormley, Dan
Gottfredson, Floyd
Gracey, Dan
Gramatky, Hardie
Grant, Bob
Green, John
Gregory, Bob
Greim, Marty
Grundeen, Frank
Gumen, Murad
Gunn, Don
Hale, Joseph H.
Hall, Dick
Hannah, Jack
Hansen, Marc
Hansen, Pete
Heimdahl, Ralph
Hernandez, Lea
Hooper, Lee
Hoover, Rick
Howell, Alex
Hubbard, Al
Hultgren, Ken
Ito, Willy
Iwerks, Ub
Karp, Lynn
Keefer, Mel
Kelly, Walt
Kerri, Shawn
King, Jack
Kirby, Jack
Klacik, Andrés
Klubien, Jørgen
Knighton, Larry
Ku, Min S.
LaBan, Terry
Langley, Bill
Lenox, August
Lewis, T.
Lockman, Vic
London, Bobby
Loprieno, Dan
Maley, Matt
Manning, Jack
Marderosian, Mark
Marsh, Jesse
Mayer, Larry
McKimson, Tom
McSavage, Frank
Messerli, Joe
Moore, Bob
Moore, John Blair
Moore, Sparky
Moores, Dick
Murry, Paul
Murtosaari, Jukka
Neville, Bill
Nofziger, Ed
Pabian, Jim
Pabian, Tony
Penders, Ken
Porter, Hank
Rausch, Barb
Risto, Vivie
Rosa, Don
Rousseau, Craig
Royer, Mike
Schmitz, Glenn
Schwartz, David
Sgroi, Tony
Siegel, Jerry
Silvani, James
Simpson, Howard
Smith, Frank
Smith, Win
Spencer, Fred
Spiegle, Dan
Stasi, Rick
Strobl, Tony
Surry, Cecil
Svendsen, Julius
Taliaferro, Al
Thomson, Riley
Toth, Alex
Tripp, Irving
Tucker, Keith
Tufts, Warren
Turner, Gil
Ushler, John
Van Horn, Noel
Van Horn, William
Van Osten, Carson
Voorhees, Cliff
Waiss, George
Walsh, Stan
Weaver, Bill
Wheeler, George
White, Bill
Wildman, George
Wood, Tom
Wright, Kay
Wright, Bill
Ziegler, Bill

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