Junior Woodchucks by John Carey
Fearsome Forest (Mickey Mouse #119, 1968).

John Carey began his career as an animator at Warner Bros in the late 1930s, and stayed there working on 'Bugs Bunny', 'Porky Pig' and 'Daffy Duck' cartoons until the early 1950s. He switched to comic book art and began working for the licensed titles by Dell/Western Publishing. Starting in the early 1950s he worked mainly on stories with Warner Bros characters ('Bugs Bunny', 'Porky Pig', 'Daffy Duck', 'Elmer Fudd', 'Sylvester & Tweety'), followed in 1952 by stories with Walter Lantz characters, such as 'Woody Woodpecker', 'Andy Panda', 'Oswald the Rabbit' and 'Windy & Breezy'.

Then came the Hanna-Barbera comics ('Yogi Bear', 'Huckleberry Hound') and finally Disney comics in 1966. He did 'Gyro Gearloose' stories and many stories starring the 'Junior Woodchucks' and 'April, May and June'. In the 1970s he illustrated a great many 'Winnie the Pooh' stories scripted by Vic Lockman. He was active for the publisher until early 1984.

The Junior Woodchucks, by John N. Carey


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