Cinderella by Dan Gormley

Dan Gormley was a comic artist of adventure, war and funny animal stories, working mainly for Dell Publishing. He began his collaboration with the company in 1941, illustrating 'Captain Midnight' and 'Gangbusters', as well as 'Pat, Patsy & Pete' until 1942. He was also present at other companies, such as Centaur ('Jungle Prince') and Fox Comics ('Captain Kid', 'Dr Mortal', 'Dynamo', etc.), working through shops like Bert Whitman's and Sangor.

Crusader Rabbit by Dan Gormley
Crusader Rabbit (Four Color #735, October 1956)

From the second half of the 1940s into the 1950s he was working almost exclusively for Dell. He illustrated stories with the Walter Lantz characters 'Andy Panda' and 'Woody Woodpecker' until 1952. He became a cover artist of the Disney and Warner Bros publications. He also drew the comic adaptation of Walt Disney's 'Cinderella'. Gormley drew 'Polka Dottie', 'Crusader Rabbit' (based on Jay Ward's TV series) and 'Rootie Kazootie' in the Four Color Comics line, and he worked with John Stanley on comic book stories with Ernie Bushmiller's 'Nancy'. In the 1950s he also wrote a children's book called 'Howdy Doody's Circus'.

Nancy by Dan Gormley
Nancy and Oona Goosepimple's Uncle Oaf

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