Little Lulu, by John Stanley
'Little Lulu'.

American comic artist John Stanley is best known for his comic book renditions of classic newspaper comics 'Little Lulu' and 'Nancy' for Dell Publishing. He attended the Art Students League. In the 1930s, he briefly worked for the Max Fleischer animation studios and did illustrations art for Mickey Mouse Magazine and Disney merchandise.

Tubby by John Stanley
Tubby - 'Tub's Mustache'.

From the 1940s throughout the 1960s, Stanley was a productive writer and artist for Western Printing Co., the company that produced comic books for Dell publications. In the early 1940s, Stanley worked on features like 'Bugs Bunny', 'O'G. Whiz', 'Linda Lark' and did scripts on 'Porky Pig' stories. For a long period, he was writing and drawing 'Nancy and Sluggo' stories for the comic books based on Ernie Bushmiller's newspaper comic.

Clyde Crashcup #4, by John Stanley (1964)
'Clyde Crashcup' #4 (1964).

By the mid-1940s, Stanley was writing and sketching stories with 'Little Lulu', a character originally created by Marge Henderson Buell. The finished drawings were initially made by other cartoonists like Irving Tripp, but later also by Stanley himself.

Choo-Choo Charlie by John Stanley
Choo-Choo Charlie - 'A Bad Case of Squeebles'.

Until the 1960s, Stanley contributed scripts and artwork to many other Dell comic books, like 'Tubby', 'Melvin Monster', 'Clyde Crashcup', 'Choo Choo Charlie' and 'Thirteen'. When he left the comics field, his comments on the comic books - even his own work - became rather sour. In the final stages of his career, he worked for a silk-screening company in upstate New York.

John Stanley's run on 'Little Lulu' was a strong influence on Nancy BurtonRobert Crumb, Sophie CrumbAline KominskyDiane NoominArt Spiegelman and Tabaré

Melvin Monster, by John Stanley
'Melvin Monster'.

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