Didi Glitz & the 3 Bears, by Diane Noomin

Diane Noomin attended the High School of Music and Art, Brooklyn College and Pratt Institute. She is the creator of 'Didi Glitz' and the editor of the Twisted Sisters anthologies of women cartoonists. One of the original contributors to Wimmen's Comix, she created the first Twisted Sisters Comix with Aline Kominsky Crumb in 1976. Noomin has also been published in Arcade, Titters, El Perfecto Weirdo, Choices, Young Lust, Lemme Outta Here, Strip Aids-USA, Real Girl, Dangerous Drawings, Mind Riot: Coming of Age in Comics, True Glitz and The Nation. In 1981, she cooperated on a musical comedy based on her 'DiDi Glitz' comic.

comic art by Diane Noomin


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