Bitchy Bitch, by Roberta Gregory
'Bitchy Bitch'. 

Roberta Gregory has been writing and drawing comics all her life, since her father, Bob Gregory, used to write 'Donald Duck' comics for Walt Disney while she was growing up. When she got to college, the women's movement had just begun, and she experimented with many different styles in the college humor paper before creating the 'Feminist Funnies' strip in 1974. She sold her first story to Wimmen's Comix that year, also, and though it really wasn't that good, they were starving for some Queer content so her career in underground comix began. She ranked Joe Matt among her graphic influences. 

Naughty Bits, by Roberta GregoryNaughty Bits, by Roberta Gregory
'Naughty Bits'.

Gregory expanded the 'Feminist Funnies' strip to the 'Dynamite Damsels' comic, which she self-published in 1976. She appeared a few times in 'Wimmens Comix' in the 70s and when 'Gay Comix' appeared in 1980, she was in nearly every one of those issues as well, since the editor, Howard Cruse, wanted to have women represented and there were very few lesbians doing comics back then.

comic art by Roberta Gregory
Comic art by Roberta Gregory. 

During the mid-1980s, Roberta Gregory began work on 'Winging It', a very ambitious project, and on 'Sheila and the Unicorn', both of which she published in 1988. She moved to Seattle in 1989 and worked full-time at Fantagraphics Books. Working with Robert Crumb's material inspired the story which began the first issue of Naughty Bits, 'Crazy Bitches'. She began Artistic Licentiousness at this time, as well. The first issue was published by Starhead Comix, but she published the remaining two issues herself in 1994 and 1997. The quarterly series Naughty Bits unleashed 'Bitchy Bitch' (and later, 'Bitchy Butch'). Bitchy has been translated into German and, soon, into Chinese and Swedish. Roberta lives in Seattle, Washington, in a lavishly cluttered basement suite which she shares with her handsome and very independent kitty, Pushkin.

The Goat, by Roberta Gregory (Women in Fur, 1998)
'Goat' (Women in Fur #2, 1998).

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