Donald Duck, by Bob Gregory

Bob Gregory was a prolific artist of mainly Disney comics. After graduating from the Otis Art Institute and completing his military service, Gregory began his career at North American Aviation as a tenchnical illustrator and publications analyst. He worked on Disney comics from 1959 to 1984, doing mainly both writing and artwork. His main characters were 'Daisy Duck', 'Junior Woodchucks' and the 'Beagle Boys'. He also worked on Hanna-Barbera comics in the 1960s, DePattie-Freleng comics in the 1970s and also Warner Bros, MGM and Walter Lantz comics. His memoirs of his World War 2 service, 'Letters from the South Pacific' were published by Fithian Press in 1996. Bob is the father of comic artist Roberta Gregory.

comic art by Bob Gregory

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