Moonshine Mama, in Wimmen's Comix, by Lee Marrs 1976

Lee Marrs started her comics career in the 1960s working as a part-time assistant on 'Little Orphan Annie' and 'Hi & Lois'. It was then that she discovered underground comix, and in 1971 she co-founded the Alternative Features Service, which distributed news, features and comics to underground newspapers. She drew her own comic 'Pudge, Girl Blimp', and contributed to the all-women comic book series Wimmen's Comix.

comic art by Lee Mars (1970s)

Some of the comic books Marrs has made are 'The Further Fattening Adventures of Pudge, Girl Blimp' (1973-77), 'The Compleat Fart and Other Body Omissions' (1976), 'Do You Love Cockroaches?' (1981), 'Inside Autodesk Animator' (1990), 'Viking Glory: The Viking Prince' (1991) and 'Faultlines' (1997). Over the years, Lee Marrs has established a firm reputation as an artist as well as an animator, and she has contributed to over 100 comic books.

Pudge, Girl Blimp, by Lee Marrs 1973

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