Moonshine Mama, in Wimmen's Comix, by Lee Marrs 1976
'Moonshine Mama'. 

Lee Marrs started her comics career in the 1960s working as a part-time assistant for Tex Blaisdell on 'Little Orphan Annie' and 'Prince Valiant', while also assisting on 'Hi & Lois'. It was then that she discovered underground comix, and in 1971 she co-founded the Alternative Features Service, which distributed news, features and comics to underground newspapers. She drew her own comic 'Pudge, Girl Blimp', and contributed to the all-women comic book series Wimmen's Comix.

comic art by Lee Mars (1970s)
Comic art by Lee Marrs.

Some of the comic books Marrs has made are 'The Further Fattening Adventures of Pudge, Girl Blimp' (1973-77), 'The Compleat Fart and Other Body Omissions' (1976), 'Do You Love Cockroaches?' (1981), 'Inside Autodesk Animator' (1990), 'Viking Glory: The Viking Prince' (1991) and 'Faultlines' (1997). Over the years, Lee Marrs has established a firm reputation as an artist as well as an animator, and she has contributed to over 100 comic books.

Pudge, Girl Blimp, by Lee Marrs 1973
'Pudge Girl Blimp.'

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