Dean Denton, by Tex Blaisdell (1940)
'Dean Denton'. 

Tex Blaisdell was an American cartoonist who has worked on over 20 well-known American newspaper comics throughout his career. Born as Philip Blaisdell in Houston, Texas, he studied at the Art Student League. He was in the US Air Force for four years. Prior to the war, he had already drawn 'Dean Denton' for the comic books of Centaur Publishing. Back in civilian life, he cooperated as an assistant on newspaper comics by Stan Drake, Will Eisner ('The Spirit'), Irwin Hasen, Dick Wingert, Bud Sagendorf and Al Capp for a period of thirteen years. In the late 1940s he often collaborated on comics with his colleague Joe Orlando

Blaisdell also worked with Hal Foster on 'Prince Valiant' in the 1960s. In 1967 he assisted on Bob Lubbers' comic series 'Robin Malone' for a few weeks. 

He took over the 'Little Orphan Annie' strip after Harold Gray's death in 1968 and continued it with assistants Paul KirchnerLee Marrs, Vic Martin and scriptwriter Elliot Caplin (and occasionally  Joe Orlando) until 1973, after which David Lettick took over. As a member of Leonard Starr's studios, he was responsible for the backgrounds of 'Mary Perkins, On Stage'. He was also an inker on DC comic books like 'Green Lantern', 'Adam Strange', 'Superman', 'The Flash', 'Wonder Woman' and 'Batman' throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. He was a teacher at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

Little Orphan Annie, by Tex Blaisdell
'Little Orphan Annie'.

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