Rosie the Riveter, by Trina Robbins
'Rosie the Riveter'.

Trina Robbins can truly been seen as the very first female underground comic artist. When she moved from New York to San Francisco in 1970, she found that comix and the comix scene were two different things. Not able to join the "closed boy's club", as she called the underground comix scene, she produced with several other like-minded women cartoonists 'It Ain't Me, Babe' in 1970, the first underground comic written and drawn solely by women. Apart from her, other artists who published in It Ain't Me, Babe were Nancy Burton, Carole, Lisa Lyons, Willy Mendes (Barbara Mendes), Michele Robinson and Meredith Kurtzman (daughter of Harvey Kurtzman).  She was also one of the founders of the first on-going all-woman comix title Wimmen's Comix. She made a graphic contribution to 'ProJunior’ (Kitchen Sink Press, 1971), a one-shot comic book paying homage to Don Dohler's character ProJunior. 

Back of Trina's Women, by Trina Robbins
Back cover of 'Trina's Women'. 

Besides her underground comix ('All Girl Thrills', 'Girl Fight' 1&2, 'Wimmen's Comix' 1-6), she also produced several editions of 'Wonder Woman' for DC comics and two illustrated books - 'Silver Metal Love' and 'Catwalk'. With Anne Timmons, she created 'GoGirl!' at Dark Horse in 2000. Over the last ten years, Trina has written several books about the history of comics from a woman's perspective, such as 'From Girls to Grrlz' (1999), and 'The Great Women Cartoonists' (2001). Robbins wrote a personal reflection on Robert Crumb in Monte Beauchamp's book 'The Life and Times of R. Crumb. Comments From Contemporaries (St. Martin's Griffin, New York, 1998).

Her partner, Steve Leialoha, is also a comic artist. 

from Eclipse, by Trina Robbins (1981)
'Eclipse', 1981. 

Wimmen's Comix, by Trina Robbins
'Wimmen's Comix'. 

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