Starry Night in Amsterdam, by Paul Mavrides and Gilbert Shelton
'Starry Night in Amsterdam'. 

Paul Mavrides can't remember very much of the underground comix scene he was part of. "We were all on so many drugs," he claims in his defense. Somehow the narcotics must have left something of his work ethic intact, since Mavrides' work is to be found in quite a bit of comix, like 'Young Lust', 'Anarchy Comix', and 'Rip Off Comix'.

After that, Paul Mavrides collaborated with Gilbert Shelton and Dave Sheridan on the 'Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers,' and was one of the founders of the legendary 'Bob the Subgenius' cult series: slackmaster J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs and the 'Church of the SubGenius'.

Bob's Favorite Comics, by Paul Mavrides
'Bob's Favorite Comics'. 

Paul Mavrides' recent projects include the feature film documentary 'Grass', a history of the U.S. marijuana prohibition, released in 1999. In addition, he has completed the computer-generated, twelve-episode web comics 'The Night Sky in the Dark Hotel' feature of Salon, the on-line magazine.

comic art by Paul Mavrides
Comic by Paul Mavrides. 

In the mid-1990s Mavrides successfully defended the American Constitution's First Amendment against the attack on artist royalties by the California State Board of Equalization tax board by winning an appeal.

from 'The Adventures of Mavrides & Shelton', High Times, November 1990
'The Adventures of Mavrides'. 

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