Gothic Blimp Works, by Kim Deitch
'Gothic Blimp Works'. 

Kim Deitch is generally held to be one of the greatest influences in American underground comix. As sixties comics were popular and under-exploited from an artistic point of view, they were the perfect medium for Kim Deitch, the son of illustrator/animator Gene Deitch. He contributed to comical and psychedelical comix like The East Village Other, introducing characters like 'Sunshine Girl' and 'The India Rubber Man', starting in 1967. He was co-editor of Gothic Blimp Works, and co-founder fo the Cartoonists Co-op Press. He has often collaborated with his brother, Simon and Seth Deitch.

comic art by Kim Deitch
'The Stuff of Dreams'. 

Throughout the years, Deitch has published a number of solo comix, starting with 'Corn Fed Comics' in 1972. Then followed 'The Stuff of Dreams', 'The Boulevard of Broken Dreams', 'Beyond the Pale', 'All Waldo Comics', 'A Shroud for Waldo', 'The Mishkin File', 'No Business Like Show Business', 'Shadowland' and 'Hollywoodland', mainly dealing with themes like addiction, deception and delusion.

The Stuff of Dreams, by Kim DeitchThe Stuff of Dreams, by Kim Deitch
'The Stuff Of Dreams'.

Deitch has been working on several projects, including the series 'The Search for Smilin' Ed', 'The Stuff of Dreams' and a monthly kids comic called Nickelodeon, for which he makes 'Southern Fried Fugitives' with his brother Simon. As this title indicates, much of Deitch's comics are linked to animation, centering on animation as an industry and animation characters. Deitch regularly exhibits his originals in various galleries.

Deitch wrote a personal homage to Robert Crumb in Monte Beauchamp's book 'The Life and Times of R. Crumb. Comments From Contemporaries (St. Martin's Griffin, New York, 1998).

Kim Deitch was a strong influence on Matt Groening and Joe Matt

The Stuff of Dreams, by Kim Deitch
'The Stuff of Dreams'. 

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