Puggsy Pup by Owen Fitzgerald
'Puggsy Pup' (Merry-Go-Round Comics by ACG, 1944).

Owen Fitzgerald attended the Chouinard Art Institute, and began working as a Disney animator in 1937. By 1944 he was also working as a comic book artist for companies like ACG. He worked for Standard Comics on features like 'Bruno Bear', 'Francois Feline' and 'Fritz', and for National/DC on 'The Adventures of Bob Hope', 'Ozzie & Harriet', 'The Fox & The Crow', 'Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' and 'Tito and his Burrito'.

Moronica, by Owen Fitzgerald

Other features he drew were 'Starlet O'Hara', 'Moronica' (1948 - 1954), 'Dizzy Dames', 'Here's Howie' and 'Liz'. He took over 'Dennis the Menace' from Al Wiseman in the Hallden-Fawcett comic books, and assisted Hank Ketcham on the Sunday strip in the 1960s. In the second half of the 1970s he drew 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Supergoof' stories for the Walt Disney Studio's.

The Adventures of Bob Hope, by Owen Fitzgerald

He was an assistant animator with the Walt Disney Studios between 1937 and 1939, and then subsequently worked as an animator for Fleischer ('Gulliver's Travels', 'Popeye'), MGM, Warner Bros ('Looney Tunes'), De Patie-Freleng ('Pink Panther', a.o.) and Hanna-Barbera ('Flintstones', 'Superfriends', 'Smurfs') up until the mid-1980s. During World War II, he was in the Army Signal Corps, the Warner Bros animation unit responsible for the famed 'Private SNAFU' cartoons under the leadership of Dr. Seuss.

Starlet O'Hara, by Owen Fitzgerald


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