Hejji, by Dr. Seuss (1935)
'Heiji', 1935.

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Theodore Geisel, who would become known as Dr. Seuss, studied at the Dartmouth College. After his graduation in 1925, he began his weekly 'Birdsies and Beasties' page in Judge magazine. Using the pen name of Dr. Seuss, his name soon appeared on gags and strips inside the magazine and on covers. Later on, he also drew for Life, Vanity Fair and Liberty. He was the creator of the short-lived newspaper strip 'Hejji' in 1935. In the 1940s, he drew political cartoons for the PM newspaper in New York, and embarked on a career in animation.

As the president and publisher of Beginners Books, Dr Seuss changed the nature of children's books in the 1950s and later with the 'Cat in the Hat' series. He published over 40 children's books, full with imaginative characters and frequent use of rhymed prose. Besides 'Cat in the Hat', famous books by Dr. Seuss are 'Green Eggs and Ham' and 'One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish'.

In 2004 he received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dr. Seuss was an influence on Matt Groening, who placed 'The 5.000 Fingers of Dr. T' on nr. 91 and 'On Beyond Zebra' on nr. 25 in his personal list of '100 Favorite Things'. He was also an influence on Barbara Dale and Guy Gilchrist.

Hejji, by Dr. Seuss

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