Louca #4 - 'Hope Springs Eternal' (English edition).

Bruno Dequier is a French animator and comic artist. He has participated in the computer animation of films like 'A Monster in Paris' and 'The Lorax', as well as the 'Despicable Me' and 'Minions' series. On the side he is the author of the supernatural soccer-themed comics series 'Louca', which appears in Spirou magazine since 2011.

Early life and education
Bruno Dequier was born in 1980 in Bordeaux. After high school he enrolled at the École Émile Cohl in Lyon, where he studied graphic arts between 2000 and 2003. He then passed the difficult entrance exam to the animation course of the prestigious Gobelins school of visual communication and arts in Paris. He graduated in 2006 with the short animation film 'Pyrats', which he made together with some fellow students. Dequier ranks Milt Kahl as one of his major influences, but he also finds inspiration in Japanese manga and anime.

Animation work
After his graduation, he was recruited by the French animator and director Bibo Bergeron to work as a storyboard artist on the 3D computer-animated feature film 'A Monster in Paris' (2011) for EuropaCorp. Dequier worked with Bergeron and his Nice-based team on this project from 2007 on. Since 2009 he has also worked for Universal Picture on the 'Despicable Me' franchise. He was character animator on the original film (2010), and then served as animation director on the second (2013) and third (2017) installments, as well as the 'Minions' spin-off (2015). He was also character animator on Universal's 'The Lorax' (2012), a film based on Dr. Seuss' 1971 children's book.

Louca #1 - 'De Aftrap' (Dutch edition).

During his busy activities he also found the time to develop his own comics series about a clumsy adolescent, for which he made the first sketches in 2009. He pitched his idea to the publishing house Dupuis, where it was instantly accepted. 'Louca' made its first appearance in Spirou magazine #3832 in 2011, and has been published in a successful book series as well. The series combines elements of sports (notably football), high school, romance, crime, corruption and the paranormal. The title hero is a typically clumsly adolescent, full of self-doubt, in search of his own identity, and madly in love. He however fails to make an impression on the pretty Julie, and is a fiasco as the soccer team's goalkeeper. Luckily he finds a friend and coach in Nathan, who besides handsome, sharp and sporty, is also very much dead. With the help of this ghostboy Louca gradually manages to improve his soccer skills, while in return Nathan refinds a connection with worldly life. While his spirit can only be seen by Louca around the school's soccer field, Nathan tries to find out how and why he died?

Dequier's artwork is highly dynamic, and reveals both the author's background in animation and his manga interst. Besides French, the series has been translated to Dutch (published by Strip2000) and English (published by Europe Comics). In addition to the comic book series, Dequier has written and illustrated the picture book series 'Anto et Antin' (Dupuis, 2019), featuring two little boys from the 'Louca' series.

Louca #3 - 'If Only...' (English edition).

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