Li'l Bad Wolf by Ken Champin
Li'l Bad Wolf (W WDC173-03)

Kenneth F. Champin is best known for his work as an animator at Warner Bros (1937-1953), the Ray Patin Studios (1953-1962), and Filmfare (1962-1975). He did artwork for several publishers in the 1940s through the Sangor Shop (Bandy, Francois Feline, Peter Puss, Slumber Jack, etc.). He was a funny animal artist for the publishing house Dell from 1951 to 1957. He did several comics with Disney characters, such as 'Chip 'n' Dale', 'Li'l Bad Wolf' and 'Little Hiawatha'. He also did Warner Bros comics with 'Bugs Bunny' and 'Elmer Fudd', as well as stories with the MGM characters 'Tom & Jerry', 'Barney Bear', 'Spike & Tyke', Tex Avery's 'Droopy' and 'Screwy Squirrel' and Walter Lantz's 'Oswald the Rabbit'.

Li'l Bad Wolf, by Ken Champin (1954)


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