Mickey and Minnie, by Paul Murry

Paul Murry drew for the Disney comic books and was mainly responsible for the adventurous 'Mickey Mouse' stories of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The charming style of the Mickey Mouse characters was already formed in the 1930s and 1940s in Floyd Gottfredson's daily comic strips, and Murry did much to further develop these characters. Murry drew thousands of pages of comics during his career and was one of the few Disney artists who was successful in drawing all the characters.

Panchito, by Paul Murry (1945)

Born in Missouri, Murry started out working as a farmer. He started to draw in his spare time, and he began to work for an engraving company in 1937. Soon afterwards, he went to work at the animation department of the Disney Studios. He cooperated among others on ‘Pinocchio’ (1940), ‘Dumbo’ (1941), ‘Saludos Amigos’ (1942) and ‘Song of the South’ (1946). He enrolled into the comics department in 1943. He started out doing the 'José Carioca' Sunday page, and subsequently worked on the 'Mickey Mouse' daily strip and the 'Uncle Remus with Br'er Rabbit' and 'Panchito' Sunday pages.

Br'er Rabbit, by Paul Murry

He went to work for the Disney comic books of Dell Publishing in late 1946. He drew several classic 'Br'er Rabbit' stories for the Four Color Comics, as well as some 'Big Bad Wolf' stories. From 1953 to 1973, he was one of the most productive and most notable 'Mickey Mouse' artist for the Dell comic books. He was also the first artist to draw 'Super Goof', Goofy's superhero counterpart.

Bucky O'Rue, by Paul Murry

In addition to his Disney work, Murry worked as a gag cartoonist and illustrated for Walter Lantz's 'Woody Woodpecker' comic books. He also did the comic strip 'Buck O'Rue' with writer Dick Huemer in the early 1950s.

Woody Woodpecker, by Paul Murry

The Classic Mickey Mouse of Paul Murry

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