Walkaman, by Pete Friedrich
Walkaman (The Previous Future #1, 1981)

Pete Friedrich is a comic artist and publisher. He ran Look Mom, Comics!, a publisher of several seminal comic magazines, from 1980 to 1985, and helped introducing many ground-breaking artists like Dan Clowes, Rick Altergott and Peter Kuper. He was co-curator of Comic Power, an exhibition at Exit Art gallery in New York. His comics and illustrations have been published by National Lampoon, Rip Off Press, Last Gasp, World War 3 Illustrated, Rolling Stone and many other magazines.

Shatter Chant, by Pete Friedrich
Shatter Chant

Pete Friedrich also worked as a designer at many magazines, like Fortune, Sports Illustrated, Manhattan, Inc., Parenting and several Disney publications. He runs Charette Design, a successful graphic design studio with offices in San Francisco and New York specializing in book design, music packaging and corporate communications. He is also the editor of the anthology book 'StripAmerica'.

Paranoid, by Pete Friedrich
Paranoid (The Previous Future #1, 1981)

Gotcha!, by Pete Friedrich

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