Robin Hood, by Mo Gollub
Walt Disney's Robin Hood comic adaptation (1948).

Morris ("Mo") Gollub was an American comic book artist and animator. The son of Jewish immigrants from around the turn of the century, he began his career in 1937, when he became an animator and lay-out artist for the Disney Studios. He remained with the company until 1941 and has worked on films like 'Bambi' (1942) and a couple of shorts. He was an animator with UPA in the 1950s and subsequently worked for studios like Pantomime Pictures, Sanrio and Hanna-Barbera, where he was a lay-out artist on shows like 'The Flintstones', 'Scooby_Doo', 'The Harlem Globe Trotters' and 'The Smurfs' with intervals between 1964 and 1983.

Bambi & Thumper, by Mo Gollub
Bambi comic adaptation (1948);

He was also a comic book artist for Dell Publishing/Western Comics from 1946 to 1971. He drew for licensed realistic adventure series like 'Tarzan', 'Lone Ranger', 'Trigger', 'Lassie', 'Indian Chief', 'Robin Hood', 'Gene Autry's Champion', 'Mowgli - Jungle Book' and 'Korak', while he also worked on funny animal stories starring 'Cubby & Tubby', 'Fairy Tale Parade' and 'Raggedy Ann & Andy'. He also drew the comic book adaptation of Disney's 'Bambi' film. From 1960 onwards he was dividing his time between assignments from Western and his animation work. By then was the regular cover artist of the classic 'Turok Son of Stone' comic books.

Smokey the Bear by Mo Gollub
'Smokey the Bear' (Quebec edition, 8 May 1958).

Gollub drew for Western's 'Smokey the Bear' comic book from 1955 and additionally produced this educational wildlife feature as a comic strip for newspapers through Columbia Features between 1957 and 1959. The strip also had a Sunday page, and was credited to Wes Wood, although Gollub was the artist and Paul Newman the writer.

Turok cover by Mo GollubTurok cover by Mo Gollub

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