Darkwing Duck, by David Schwartz
'Darkwing Duck'. 

David Schwartz has worked as a comic book artist and as an animator. He received his education at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts, and worked as an illustrator for magazines and as a letterer at DC in the first half of the 1980s. Schwartz has worked as a storyboard artist for companies like DiC ('Alf', 'Super Mario Bros', 'Real Ghostbusters', 'Camp Candy'), Disney Studios ('Darkwing Duck', 'Tailspin', 'Rescue Rangers'), Warner Bros ('Tiny Toons') and Klasky Csupo ('Rugrats', Matt Groening's 'The Simpsons'). He did his first comics work for Showcase Publications in the mid-1980s, working on 'Crack Busters' and 'Tony Sullivan Private Investigations'. In 1988, he did script and artwork for 'Insane!', published by Dark Horse. He has also done comics based on television shows, such as the 'Real Ghostbusters' and 'Married with Children' for Now Comics and 'Darkwing Duck' and 'Duck Tales' for Disney Comics.

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