Big Spike & Little Tyke by Lynn Karp
Big Spike & Little Tyke

Lynn Karp is the brother of the comic writers Bob and Hubert Karp. Between 1935 and 1941, he worked as an animator at Disney on such films as 'Pinocchio' (1940) and 'Fantasia' (1940). In the late 1940s, he drew comics for Hi-Jinx (B&I Publishing Co.) and Barnyard Comics (stories with texts by his brother Hubert). With his brother Bob, he made the syndicated feature 'The Middles' for Consolidated News Features between 1944 and 1955. He also produced some premium giveaway comics for Disney, such as 'Mickey Mouse Meets the Wizard' (1947) for Cheerios.

The Middles by Lynn Karp
The Middles

From the late 1940s to the early 1960s, he drew various funny animal comics for Dell Publishing, including 'Woody Woodpecker', 'Andy Panda', 'Oswald the Lucky Rabbit' (Walter Lantz), 'Nibbles', 'Flip & Dip', 'Tom & Jerry', 'Big Spike & Little Tyke', 'Fuzzy & Wuzzy', 'Barney Bear', 'Mouse Mouseketeers', 'Droopy, 'Screwy Squirrel' (based on Tex Avery's character), and 'Wuff the Prairie Dog' (MGM). He also drew 'Bugs Bunny' and 'Tweety & Sylvester' for Warner Bros, as well as 'Ruff & Reddy', 'Leon the Teensy-Weensy Lion', 'Pixie & Dixie' and 'Yogi Bear' for the Hanna-Barbera titles.

Andy Panda by Lynn Karp
Andy Panda

In the early 1950s, Karp produced stories with 'Spencer Spook' for Giggle Comics, published by ACG/Creston. For the same publisher, he also did 'Gopher Boys' and 'Cookie'. He was also present at Nedor/Standard with 'Bomby & Zomby', 'Little Billy Bear', 'Samuel Spaniel' and 'Ted & Tom', and at Fawcett with Hank Ketcham's 'Dennis the Menace'. In the early 1960s, he illustrated stories starring Hanna-Barbera's 'Huckleberry Hound' for the British Weekly Magazine.

Spencer Spook, by Lynn Karp
Spencer Spook

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