Hollywood Johnny, by Jim Pabian

Jim Pabian was an American animated film director and screenwriter. He started his career working as an animator and character designer at Warner Brothers in the 1930s, when Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising were in charge. During the 1940s he switched over to comics, working as a funny animal artist at Dell/Western until 1956. He has done Disney comics, such as 'Bambi & Thumper' and 'The Flying Mouse', as well as Walter Lantz comics with 'Andy Panda' and MGM stories with 'Benny the Burro' and 'Little Dinky'. His daily credits include 'Hollywood Johnnie', 'Screen Girl' (1945-1948) and 'Go Go Gruver' (1959). Pabian has done animation work for Disney, and he was an animation director and writer for US Army military training films. During the 1960s he worked under Chuck Jones continuing Hanna & Barbera's 'Tom & Jerry' after Kim Deitch retired as their animation director. Pabian passed away in 1996 at age 87.  His brother, Tony Pabian, was also a comic artist.

The Flying Mouse, by Jim Pabian

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