All American Comics, by Alex Toth
'All American Comics'. 

Alex Toth was one of the most influential artists in American comics. While still at school, he began his career at the age of 15, working in the comic book field through Steve Douglas' Famous Funnnies shop, illustrating true stories for Heroic magazine. After graduating from the High School of Industrial Art, Shelly Mayer hired him to work at National/DC Comics and he worked there from 1947 to 1952. He worked on superhero stories starring among others 'The Flash', 'Dr. Mid-Nite', 'The Atom' and 'Green Lantern'.

All American Comics, by Alex Toth
'All American Comics'.

Toth also started working with Warren Tufts on a daily newspaper strip called 'Casey Ruggles'. In 1952, Toth moved on to Standard Comics, where he worked on crime, war and romance comics. During his military service in Japan (1954-56), he did a weekly adventure strip called 'Jon Fury' for the base paper Depot Diary.

The complete classic adventures of Zorro, by Alex Toth

After his army service, Toth joined Western Publishing Company, where he specialized in drawing comic book versions of motion pictures and television shows like 'The Land Unknown' and his most famous one, 'Zorro'. By this time he also settled in California.

comic art by Alex Toth (1975)
Artwork by Alex Toth, 1975.

It was a small step to television, and in 1960, Toth became art director for the 'Space Angel' television series. He worked as a storyboard and design artist on realistic Hanna-Barbera shows during most of the 1960s and 1970s. In addition, he illustrated and wrote his own stories for the Warren magazines Eerie, Creepy and The Rook, including 'Bravo for Adventure', starring the character 'Jesse Bravo'.

Alex Toth was a strong graphic influence on Raye Horne, Primaggio MantoviLucas NineJulio Shimamoto and Ron Wagner

Jesse Bravo, by Alex Toth
'Jesse Bravo'. 

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