Demon Wars, by Ron Wagner
'Demon Wars'.

Ron Wagner was born in Iowa. He grew up with DC's war comics, and he became a big fan of Russ Heath, John Severin, Alex Toth and Joe Kubert. He moved to New Jersey in 1981 to attend the Kubert School. His first professional work was doing backgrounds for Stan Wok on 'World's Finest'. He was also a neighbor and assistant for Gray Morrow.

Morbius, by Ron WagnerThe Path, by Ron Wagner
'Morbius The Living Vampire vs. Spider-Man' and 'The Path'. 

He had a regular run on Marvel's 'Daredevil', and als drew issues of 'Morbius: The Living Vampire', 'GI Joe' and 'Flash'. For DC, he worked on 'Shadow' and 'Legends of the Dark Knight'.

GI Joe by Ron Wagner
'G. I. Joe A Real American' #72, June 1988.

Wagner eventually focused on portrait work and illustration for a while, while doing an occasional contribution to DC's 'Weird Western Tales'. He returned to comics and did Crossgen's 'DemonWars: Trial by Fire' miniseries, as well as 'The Path' and 'Sigil'.

The Path, by Ron Wagner
'The Path'.

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