Casey Ruggles, by Warren Tufts

Before he turned to comics, Warren Tufts worked for a local radio station. During World War II, he did his first illustration work for the publications of the Naval Air Station. He created the newspaper comic 'Casey Ruggles' in 1949, and continued it until 1954, when he had a fall-out with his syndicate, United Features.

Casey Ruggles, by Warren Tufts

He then began his own company with with brother and father, called Warren Tufts Enterprises. There, he began a new strip, the comics satire 'The Lone Spaceman', which appeared in 1954-55.

Lance, by Warren Tufts

Between 1955 and 1960, he made the 'Lance' Sunday page. Under the pressure of the syndicates, he had to add a daily comic to his production in 1957. Because of internal problems of the syndicates the strip disappeared from the journals. Tufts then turned to freelance work, contributing to Dell and Gold Key comic books throughout the 1960s ('Rifleman', 'Zorro', 'Wagon Train' and 'Korak, Son of Tarzan').

Korak, by Warren Tufts

From 1960, he focused more and more on other activities, like acting. He died in an airplane crash while flying an airplane of his own design in 1982.

Casey Ruggles, by Warren Tufts

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