Cover, by Fred Carrillo (1956)Cover, by Fred Carrillo (1958)

Fred Carrillo began his career drawing propaganda material for the guerilla movement in Panay during World War II. He pursued a career in comics after the War, starting with the strips 'Pompi' and 'Karias' for the weekly Bayani magazine. He also worked as a freelancer in the animation field. Carrillo eventually turned to comics full-time. His first assignment was 'Adbentura di Marko Polo', which remained unpublished. He was then introduced at ACE Publications, a company where he stayed for many years. He illustrated such series as 'Daluyong', 'Daryo' and 'Mahiwagang Bata'. He began a collaborations with the writer Clodualdo Del Mundo, and created 'Hercules', 'Prinsipe Paris Walang Kaparis', 'Misteryso', 'Palading' and 'Kayumangging Krisantemo'. In addition, he did the dialy 'Ronnie Belo, Police Reporter' in cooperation with the police reporter Romy Lachina.

Prinsesa Gusgusin, by Fred Carrillo (1957)

Carrillo became art director at Espesyal Komiks, and when ACE Publications folded, he joined Graphic Arts Service. Carrillo began to work internationally from 1972. He began drawing for such DC series as 'Phantom Stranger', 'Black Orchid', 'Ghost Stories' and 'Tales of the Unexpected'. He also drew for Vincent Fago Productions and Pendulum Press, where he adapted literary classics like 'Midsummer Night's Dream', 'The Taming of the Shrew' and 'Swiss Family Robinson'. In the 1980s, he illustrated children's books for Western Publishing and 'Dick Tracy' for the Walt Disney Studios. He also returned to the animation field, cooperating on such television series as 'He-Man', 'Transformers' and 'Bionic Six'. Carrillo passed away in August 2005.

Phantom Stranger, by Fred Carrillo

Fred Carrillo at Philippine Comics Art Museum

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