Sorority Sue, by Vincent Fago
'Sorority Sue' (Dotty #35, June 1948).

Vincent Fago began his career as an assistant animator at the Fleischer Studios, where he worked on 'Popeye', 'Betty Boop' and 'Superman' shorts. He joined Timely in 1942, where he worked as an interim editor during Stan Lee's World War II service. He was part of the art team that produced movie-based and funny animal comics for Terrytoons Comics, Mighty Mouse and Animated Funny Comic-Tunes. He worked on such features as 'Dinky', 'Frenchy Rabbit', 'Floop and Skilly Boo', 'Posty the Pelican Postman', and 'Krazy Krow'.

Peter Rabbit by Vincent Fago
'Peter Rabbit' (Le Nouvelliste, Quebec, 1950).

Upon Lee's return in 1945, Fago moved on to work as an independent comic book artist and children's book illustrator for Golden Press and the Pendulum Illustrated Classics series. In 1948, he took over the newspaper strip 'Peter Rabbit' from its original creator Harrison Cady, which he continued for 14 years. He was the younger brother of funny animal artist Al Fago.

cover by Vincent Fagocover by Vincent Fago
'Comedy Comics'. 

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