Atomic Mouse, by Al Fago
'Atomic Mouse'. 

Alfred V. Fago is an American comic book artist who is best known for his many funny animal comic books. Coming from an Italian immigrant family, Fago began his career working in the design department of the Alexander Smith Rug Company. Fago's famous 'Frisky Fables' comic books were released through several publishers in the second half of the 1940s. He was the managing editor of Charlton Comics, the company that also published his most famous creation, 'Atomic Mouse' (1953-63). Fago also created 'Atomic Rabbit' (1955), another funny animal superhero, and 'Timmy the Timid Ghost' (1956-64), Charlton's answer to Harvey's 'Casper'. Fago eventually left Charlton and began his own label at St. John Publishing. His younger brother Vincent Fago is also a comic artist.

Frisky Fables, by Al Fago
'Frisky Fables'.

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